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Amelia Mist

Natural earthy tones displayed within numerous layers. Amelia has brought to life the natural and timely process of stone erosion, showcasing the formed layers of sedimentary rock. Offering a variety of patterns that provide a unique display of character, Amelia creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Belgian Linen Mist

Inspired by intricately woven linen, offering a lasting impression with an authentic textile aura. Merging the highly detailed and intricate patterns of textiles with a porcelain tile creates a captivating combination. Designed with a nod to the fragility and intricacies of a linen, but married with the durability of a porcelain tile, Belgian linen is an ideal surface for wall or floor. As the delicate blend of the weaves come to life within this series it creates a warm ambiance with subtle details, perfectly complimenting any interior design.