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Pushing Style to the Max: Interior Design Trends in 2020

A new decade is here, and with it comes a wave of fresh interior design trends that are sure to pack a punch in the coming years. While neutral color schemes, minimalist design, and understated accessories were all the rage in previous years, 2020 will embrace bold statements with color, texture, and pattern. To give your space a funky, modern feel, keep an eye out for these interior design trends in the new year.

There’s nothing subtle about the design trends that will make their debut in 2020. Accessories, furnishings, artwork, and upholstery will all make big statements in the new year, particularly through the use of texture and pattern. You can kiss good-bye the stark whites of 2019 and welcome in everything bright, bold, and abstract this new year.

Geometric Patterns
Bold geometric patterns can be found everywhere you turn these days from baby nurseries to doctors’ offices. The secret to making your room look vibrant and chic with exciting prints rather than overwhelming and tawdry is being intentional with your use of geometric patterns. A great way to do this is to incorporate them into the space with accessories, such as throw pillows, or one aspect of the room, such as a tile floor or backsplash.

Curved Lines
From chair backs and headboards to window frames and artwork, 2020 is all about embracing contoured lines. This trend may require you to push a bit outside of your comfort zone to find the right balance of straight and curved lines, but once you do, you’ll find that mixing the two makes for an interesting, well-balanced space.

Saturated Colors
Whether they be dominant or accents, rich colors are making a comeback in the new year. Expect to see gorgeous jewel tones emerge alongside unexpected earth tones that are sure to give your home a warm, comforting atmosphere. 2020 isn’t afraid of embracing its feminine side either as the use of soft colors, such as dusty rose, will make their way into every room from your bathroom to the office.

Less is More
Making use of all things overstated may sound like a quick avenue to creating a room that is overwhelming or cluttered, but the design intention for the coming year should be just the opposite. Rather than filling your home with lots of accessories and décor that clash or feel heavy, the goal is to choose fewer pieces that make a bigger impact. By thoughtfully incorporating a few items that are beautiful, functional, and meaningful to you, your room is sure to feel spacious and clean while not neglecting to reflect your unique style.

BOHO Style is Back
2020 is embracing its hippie side by incorporating all things natural, relaxing, and easy. Along with highly textured rugs and accessories, keep an eye out for the use of natural elements, such as wood and plants, as well as ethnic and multicultural elements in art, furniture, and fabrics.

“New Traditional” Style
The new year will get rid of the fuss and frill of interior design and replace it with comfortable, livable elements. To accomplish this trend, consider matching antique pieces with modern ones. Breaking up bedroom sets, mixing pieces from different eras, and pairing vintage furnishings with modern accessories are simple ways to give your home a stylish, yet inviting feel. The result? A delightfully unexpected space that will be as homey as it is intriguing.

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